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48 Cullipool Village, Isle of Luing, Oban

Argyll, Scotland - PA344UB

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Holiday Cottage Scotland

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“Yachting Journal of a Hebridean Sailor” by Cully Pettigrew


is the printed version of his e book “Hebridean Diary of a Serial Sailor”, and offers an interesting insight into the life of a serial sailor whose passion is to explore the waters around the West Coast of Scotland, one of the last unspoiled wildernesses on the western fringes of the European Continent. His yacht, Papillon of Carden, has been in commission every year from 1980 to 2013, clocking up well over 26000 nautical miles. The narrative has been extracted from her five log-books and may be of interest to any mariner planning to explore these pristine waters by giving a record of the remote anchorages visited, distances covered, unchartered rocks struck and further adventures experienced, all well illustrated with over one hundred original colour images.


The hope is to give future voyagers inspiration to float their dreams onto water, and not to remain complacent, immobile or hesitant of seeking another truth, the answer to which may lie just over the horizon. His personal story will be of additional interest to the arm-chair sailor happy to allow others to experience the joy of a successful coastal passage as well as the tribulations of hard sailing in sometimes treacherous conditions!

More than just a sailing story, the author discusses his belief in “one life to live”, how keeping an open mind may be essential for us to co-exist in harmony further gently expanding his views on anti-consumerism and materialism, with his opinion that to ensure our future survival, we need to step gently across earth`s fragile surface and respect the delicate balance existing between mankind, our immediate surroundings and all other living things inhabiting this wonderful planet.


But the book is mostly about sailing and what a fine way for the author to attempt to learn how to attain these noble objectives!


Norman Stone, Professor of International Relations at Bilkent University, Ankara: “lively and original, like the thoughts of an Irish monk of the St Columba vintage setting out in a coracle”.



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